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Including this little ditty:

A large majority of people have been asking me about how to get one particular girl… maybe even an ex -girlfriend… into their lives (or back into their lives)…

And, instead of sidestepping the question and telling you that “you shouldn’t be focused

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on just one girl”… I’m about to show you EXACTLY what to do.

You see, chances are, especially if you’re in the friend zone… or if you’re looking to get your ex back… the woman that you’re after already has some type of feelings for you.

(Even if it’s HATE… HATE is better than indifference)

So, if you’re looking to garner some of that attention back your direction… you’ve got to tug on some emotions… which is actually pretty easy.

The first two emotions you need to tug are RESPECT and ADMIRATION.

You see, in the past, you’ve likely done a few things to seem needy… or even pathetic.

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In today’s interview, I talk to Brad Jackson about his new Guru Black Book program, and discuss why guys tend to make things harder than they are…

Give it a listen, it’s pretty short (like 24 mins)

Click here to check it out.

Podcast coming tomorrow. Oh, and watch for an email titled “Why Blogging Sucks” coming this weekend.


“A fair exterior is a silent recommendation” – Publilius Syrus

I was working out in Dallas this past week with my friend Brad Jackson when we started discussing one of his most frequent support emails:

“Why Do Women Test?”

And although this isn’t advice I really “sell”, it is something I “get” so let me fill you in on our conversation because I think it will help to shed some light on a LOT of areas for you.

First, “why women test”

Imagine this.

Imagine I walked up to you and handed you what seemed to be a large 3 carot diamond. Now, no matter what, in the absence of any other decision making stimulus, (like knowing the guy is a diamond expert, etc), what do you do?



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