In today’s interview, I talk to Brad Jackson about his new Guru Black Book program, and discuss why guys tend to make things harder than they are…

Give it a listen, it’s pretty short (like 24 mins)

Click here to check it out.

Podcast coming tomorrow. Oh, and watch for an email titled “Why Blogging Sucks” coming this weekend.


“A fair exterior is a silent recommendation” – Publilius Syrus

I was working out in Dallas this past week with my friend Brad Jackson when we started discussing one of his most frequent support emails:

“Why Do Women Test?”

And although this isn’t advice I really “sell”, it is something I “get” so let me fill you in on our conversation because I think it will help to shed some light on a LOT of areas for you.

First, “why women test”

Imagine this.

Imagine I walked up to you and handed you what seemed to be a large 3 carot diamond. Now, no matter what, in the absence of any other decision making stimulus, (like knowing the guy is a diamond expert, etc), what do you do?



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The other day, I asked you to submit your questions about text messaging – because I was going to interview Race “Quick Thumbs” dePriest about his B4 U TXT HER system and how you can shortcut your learning curve and copy his text messaging prowess…

… and you didn’t disappoint.

We got some great questions in and Race dropped a few golden nuggets as well… apparently the guy just can’t help but give it all away… almost.

When you listen in, you’re going to discover:

- Race’s #1 frame of mind that he uses with ALL women, before he even says hello

- What to do when you get the dreaded “Who IS This” text

- How to transition from “text” to “sex” – without seeming like a dirtbag (and she’ll LOVE YOU for this one)

- Reconnection strategies for the one you let “get away”

There are a lot of tips and techniques in this interview. I was impressed to say the least.

And, even if this isn’t your cup of tea, you should listen in ANYWAY. There are some great overall tips as well, from approaching women to getting phone numbers in a fun, relaxed, never-fails way.


I thought so… just hit play and let the fun times roll!

Stay cool,


p.s. I just finished reviewing Race’s B4 U TXT HER system and it’s money… so buy with confidence.

I used to not understand text messaging…

I mean, why send someone a message when you can call them up, right?

I fought it… for a LONG TIME. I definitely was a late adopter for sure…

… but I’ve got to tell you. If you’re waiting for the text messaging “phase” to pass… DON’T.

Look, text messaging is awesome for a bunch of reasons… but I’m going to give you my favorite 3.

1. You can get to it when you want to get to it. It shows up on your phone right then and you can check it and KNOW instantly what the other person wants. No need to hassle over answering the phone to determine if something’s important or not.

2. Text messaging forces other people to generally be DIRECT and TO THE POINT… which is great. I hate wasting time beating around the bush.

3. You can control the tempo AND most importantly, THINK about what you’re gonna say. THIS IS HUGE! If you put your foot on your mouth while texting, you either need to work on your text game… which we can get handledl… or you have fat thumbs… lol… and I can’t help you there.

If you want to know more about how to intrigue and connect with women through text messaging, then I’ve got a great treat for you.

I’m interviewing Race DePriest, the creator of the B4 U TXT HER system and I’m going to extract some awesome info for you based on his text messaging prowess. Now, I’m currently going through the program right now with a fine toothed comb…

… but here’s what I need from you.

Tell us your most PRESSING questions about text messaging… no matter how crazy you think they are and I’ll ask Race when I interview him on Wednesday for the podcast, which will be available Friday morning.

Simply put your questions in the comments and I’ll ask him. Also, I may even get him to come over here and answer them personally… we’ll have to see.

So get them in and we’ll get you handled.


p.s. Race is the guy that hooked me up in Vegas if you remember from my last email… so he’s on my A list of people right now, even though we’ve never met in person :)